The intention behind the creation of the Sector Advisory Councils in 2002 was simple, and it is specified in other articles on the site: give the floor to the citizens to speak about what concerns them in their condition of inhabitant of the City. To express oneself is to participate; in complete freedom, ie democratically. But, too few people participate in our work.

Admittedly, living with a CCS is not easy: limited resources, insufficient communication and information, … and our opinions are almost always translated by new expenses of money with difficult financing which delays the realization and can thus demotivate.

Is it necessary for this, in the face of these difficulties, to do nothing, to complain, without questioning? It is true that the kind of life imposed by the present society can tend to transform us into assistants and to fall back on ourselves.

But, there must be citizens aware and concerned about the general interest to join us and give our action even more strength.

You can become a member of the CSC in your area or attend our meetings freely. The CCS renewed at the beginning of 2005, will currently renew itself in part.

Join us and prove that participatory democracy is alive in Grenoble!