Water Softener

The 5 Best Water Softeners of 2019

Finding the best Softener requires you to look in for specifications and detailing to find out the winner. As the market is huge, that process might be hard, since the entire process looks tiring and unappealing. So, instead of browsing and doing all the hard work, you can leave everything to us, since we have done it for you. Hence, here are some best water softeners in 2019.

1. Pentair Fleck 5600sxt


The Pentair Fleck 5600sxt comes loaded with a capacity of 48,000 grain to ensure that all your needs are covered. These softeners also score a ten on ten when it comes to affordability, and you might consider them, as they perform without any problems. Since they are more exposed to water, constant change and modification is mandatory, and that includes everything that is exposed to water. Shover valves are the critical ones due to its exposure. Hence, here is a list of some of the best shower valve brands that you can choose from.

ABCwaters 5600sxt-64k-10

2. ABCwaters 5600sxt-64k-10


When it comes to quality, there are very few brands that can outperform the ABCwaters 5600sxt-64k-10. They are backed by a 12 diameter PG 2.5T, 2.0 cubic feet of high capacity and a ten-year warranty. But the biggest drawback that one will witness is that water connectors will not be compatible with PVC pipe connections. Their tough and rugged design might be the aspect that helps you think about them in the first place.

3. Fleck 5600SXT Whole House System

Accessibility and assembling can be easily accomplished through this device, and you will not face any issues in that aspect. They are also easy to program, making the user experience reliable and comfortable. But since, we are also mentioning cons, here are a few that you need to be aware of. A drainage tubing will not be found, as they are not included.

Tier1 High-Efficiency WS-165-150

4. Tier1 High-Efficiency WS-165-150


The Tier1 can be classified as a basic salt-based water softener that removes hardness from your household water. A capacity of 48,000 grain, proves that point, as it also prevents the formation of limescale. Energy-efficient and user-friendly are some of its other advantages. But if you are not looking for a basic model, then you need to check out these best water softener to use, as they might satisfy you.

5. AFWFilters Iron Pro 2


Another great product that might be on the top in terms of capacity. The AFWFilters Iron Pro 2 might be the perfect machine that solves all can be classified as a treatment for the whole house. They are highly efficient, and its quality might help it to last for a long time. But pre-filtration is a must if the level of iron is high.