The CC of Sector 4
Sector 4 covers the Allied-Alpine-Beauvert, Reyniès, Grands Boulevards and Exposition-Bajatière districts.

Who are the members ?
The Sector 4 Council comprises about 60 members. Men and women from sports, social and cultural associations, early childhood associations and Neighborhood Unions Hood, Allies / Alpins / Beauvert and Bajatière, but also parents and students of the sector, motivated by local life.

Grenoble evolves, our place of life also. If you wish to be active in its evolution, do not hesitate to contact the members of the Advisory Council and participate in the work of the commissions.

The Council also wishes to associate itself with some events and animations proposed on the sector. It is also requested by the town hall to formulate proposals on the social, educational and cultural development of the sector.

In 2009, the Advisory Board of Sector 4 is led by its 2 co-chairs: Gildas LAERON, Deputy City Councilor for Sector 4 and Information and Communication Technologies and Denis VITIEL, resident member of CCS , as well as than by the commission managers.