Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Grenoble


Grenoble is one of the main city in France that receives the highest number of tourists in the country, The city is located in southeastern France and it is known for the many museums, the spherical cable cars, colleges and winter sports as the city is located in a mountainous region between Isere and Drac rivers.

Having that the city is large and has numerous attraction sites that you cannot exhaust by a single visit, keep calm as here are the Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Grenoble to consider for your first visit.

1. Musee de Grenoble.  You are a fan of fine art which is designed in a magnificent setting, or never mind when in Grenoble as Musee de Grenoble is the museum that will offer you the chance and adequate exhibition space with lovely attractive sculptures.

2. Jordin des Dauphins.  Everyone love green spaces native gardens, as said earlier Grenoble is a city in a mountainous area where Jordin des dauphins is located, this is a beautiful garden along river Isere which most tourists consider paying a visit.

3. Place Grenette.  This is the current main town square which has several ancient buildings and luxurious restaurants that have quality services. The place grenette is known as it was the grains and animal market of the 17th century. They have summertime activities for toddlers.

4. Old Town (Vieille Ville).  The old town is a town that no tourist who visits Grenoble can afford to assume as the city has little squares with charming old buildings. Some places to visit in old town are Cathedral Notre-Dame that was used between 11th to 15th centuries, move to place aux herbes, Palais de justice that was a parliament in the 15th century among other beautiful places in the old town.

5. Fort De La Bastille.  This is a place that houses several museums although it was a formerly a prison. You visit fort de la Bastille you are guaranteed of awesome cable cars ride that will make your tour memorable.

Grenoble is a wonderful city with wonderful features that market the city to the global tourism sector, so the above-stated place to visit in Grenoble are just a few.

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